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Web Design 1011:  Interoperability, Accessibility, Compliance, & Branding.    

Accessible Web Design

RealmEleven allows for the substantial proportion of web surfers and site visitors who suffer from a disability. Accessible web design ensures that in spite of sophisticated functionality and economy, the web page will remain legible to aural and brail readers. We do not mix colours of similar grey-scale making our pages graphically visible even under conditions of profound colour-blindness.

Even commonly overlooked impairments such as focal difficulties or long-sightedness are accounted for with with printer friendly pages that send text-based print-formatted pages without background colours to the printer. This allows the page to be viewed under a magnifying glass or read out in the sun without any loss of content.

Go ahead. Contact us for a consultation. Letting us help you make your site accessible for everyone with our accessible web design could be the best thing you ever do for your web presence.